Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tips for fluids for seniors with Kidney Disease/ A-1 Home Care Glendale

What do you do when you have kidney disease?

Kidneys help control the amount of fluid that leaves your body. If your kidney disease progresses, your kidneys may be unable to regulate the removal of fluid from your body and as a result your doctor may ask you to limit your fluid intake. Too much fluid may cause swelling, shortness of breath, or high blood pressure.

If your doctor advises you to decrease the amount of fluids you eat and drink each day these tips may help you.
• Drink only when thirsty. Do not drink out of habit or to be social
• Eat less salt so you will feel less thirsty
• Suck on ice chips. (Measure small units into a cup)
• Brush your teeth three to four times a day; this is to prevent your mouth from drying out
• Suck on a lemon wedge
• If you have diabetes, control your blood sugar
• Chew sugarless gum or suck on sugarless hard candy
• Take your medications with sips of fluid
• When dining out, ask your beverage to be served in a child-size glass
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