Saturday, July 26, 2014

Caregivers Relieve Stress for Seniors

A common image that comes to mind when “retirement” is mentioned is that of a relaxed life, filled with vacation days and easy living. What people often forget is that stress is a common issue with seniors and retirement. Stress about health, stress about family, and about all the news that we hear every day. Believe it or not , even seniors have to work on relieving stress. 
One great tip for reducing stress is to "reduce" the amount of things you are responsible for or have to worry about.  When we are anxious or worried about some unfinished task, we are more likely not to finish the task at hand.  So try to shed the unnecessary worries and only focus on what's important. When you are living with tension, the best way to lower your stress is to relax and release tension.  In order to do this, deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques, or even going outside can help you cope with your stress.
For seniors, having a companion around can help with stress relief because they are able to make space clear for your body to move around, and for your mind to be at ease.  A-1 Home Care in Glendale specializes in a variety of in home care for seniors, and can combine their skills in companion services.  Our company covers both Los Angeles and Orange County, and we hope to provide you and your  loved ones with the best Home Helpers around town.
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